Is the YAPS Remote Bollard weatherproof?
Yes. Rain, Hail and up to 15mm flooding.

Can I drive over the YAPS Remote Bollard?
Yes, the bollard can withstand up to 2.5 ton.

What happens if someone drives into the YAPS Remote Bollard?
The YAPS alarm will sound. If another car forces the bollard down while ignoring the alarm, the YAPS Remote Bollard will return to the maximum upright position after 15 seconds. When the car tries to reverse off, the YAPS Bollard will catch on the engine or front bumper bar which most likely will cause damage to the car.

How long will the alarm sound if the bollard is forced down?
15 seconds before returning to an upright position.

How long will the battery last?
3 months if used 4 times per day.

Can multiple YAPS Remote Bollards be installed?
Yes, each YAPS Remote Bollard has an individual frequency.

What is the YAPS Remote Bollard made of?
Steel Construction which can withstand 2.5 ton.

Can I order an Extra Remote Control or Key?
Yes, request extras on ordering.

How to install?
Please read the User Guide above and/or download it.


YAPS Remote Parking Bollard

Installation Guide

Easy to Use
Use the remote control to raise or lower the YAPS Remote Bollard to keep Your Allocated Parking Space reserved for your use.

Package 12.5 kg
1 x YAPS Bollard
2 x Remote Controls with batteries
2 x Keys
1 x PowerSonic PS670 Battery
1 x PowerTech MB3618 Intelligent Automatic SLA Battery Charger
3 x Stickers RESERVED, NO PARKING and PRIVATE 3 x Expansion Bolts (8mm)

Please Note: The battery and charger have been purchased in Australia and comply with Australian Standards and have a 12 month warranty.
PowerSonic PS670 SLA Battery Safety Data Sheet
PowerTech MB3618 Intelligent Automatic SLA Battery Charger Data Sheet

Installation Tools Required:
- Marking Pencil
- Ruler or tape measure
- Masking tape (optional)
- Goggles (Safety first please!)
- 12.5mm Masonry Drill Bit
Please read How to Drill Into Concrete before installation.

Use the key to unlock and remove the lid from the YAPS Remote Bollard to reveal the mounting plate with 3 Expansion Bolt holes. The YAPS Remote Bollard should be fixed on the centre line of the parking space beneath the rear axle. Do not position the bollard so you end up standing on it when you access your boot. Also consider the angle of entry to the carpark so you are not driving over the bollard.

Bollard in line with axle

YAPS Bollard fixed on the centre line of the parking space beneath the rear axle.

How to Install:
- Drill holes in desired position to 50mm deep and clean holes
- Insert Expansion Bolts
- Place Remote Bollard mounting plate over Expansion Bolts.
- Tighten nuts with spanner
- Connect battery (Note: alarm will sound for 1 sec - occurs when connectingthe battery for the first time)
- Replace lid and lock with key
- YAPS Remote Bollard is is now secured and ready for use

Alternative Install Option - Using Araldite® Crystal

Clean the specific concrete area the bollard unit will be positioned on. No dust, dirt, grease, oil or solvents. Araldite® Crystal Epoxy is a strong 2-component epoxy adhesive. Dries crystal clear.

Place a reasonable weight on the unit to apply pressure until it sets – between 20 minutes to 3 hours to attain full strength adhesion.

How to Recharge
- Use Key to unlock and remove base cover
- Disconnect battery lead
- Remove Battery and connect to MB3618 charger
- These intelligent automatic battery chargers stop charging when the battery is full and start to maintain the battery with a ‘floating’ charge mode
- Replace the battery and connect battery to the Remote Bollard (You are reminded of the 1 sec alarm)
- Replace lid and lock with key
- 3 months operation when fully charged

Replace the Remote Control Battery

Remove 3 screws on the back of remote to access battery and replace

- Remote Control with 15 metre radius
- Heavy duty Steel Construction.
- The YAPS Remote Bollard can withstand 2.5 tons
- Weatherproof / Waterproof (It's flood/puddle proof up to 15mm)
- Powder Coated Black Base and Safety Yellow Bollard
- Alarm will sound for 15 seconds if force is applied before returning to an upright position

- Raised Bollard Height 425mm
- Base 415 x 285 x 75mm

Spares and Options
- Different Frequency Remote Controls for when Multiple Remote Bollards are installed
- Replacement Remote Control $40

Download the Installation Guide

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